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Strokes: 13



rat, mouse, dark gray
On'Yomi Readings

On'Yomi Readings

  • ショ
On'Yomi Readings

Kun'Yomi Readings

  • ねずみ
  • ねず

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • mouse; rat

    dark gray; dark grey; slate (color, colour)

  • 海鼠

    sea cucumber (Holothuroidea spp.)

  • 鼬, 鼬鼠

    weasel (esp. the Japanese weasel, Mustela itatsi)

    mustelid (any other member of the weasel family, inc. badgers, martens, minks, ferrets, otters, polecats, stoats, skunks, etc.)

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