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Strokes: 11



hang, suspend, depend, arrive at, tax, pour
On'Yomi Readings

On'Yomi Readings

  • カイ
  • ケイ
On'Yomi Readings

Kun'Yomi Readings

  • か.ける
  • -か.ける
  • か.け
  • -か.け
  • -が.け
  • か.かる
  • -か.かる
  • -が.かる
  • か.かり
  • -が.かり
  • かかり
  • -がかり

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 掛ける, 懸ける

    to hang (e.g. picture); to hoist (e.g. sail); to raise (e.g. flag)

    to sit

    to be partway (verb); to begin (but not complete)

    to take (time, money); to expend (money, time, etc.)

    to make (a call)

    to multiply

    to secure (e.g. lock)

    to put on (glasses, etc.)

    to cover

    to burden someone

    to apply (insurance)

    to turn on (an engine, etc.); to set (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.)

    to put an effect (spell, anaesthetic, etc.) on

    to hold an emotion for (pity, hope, etc.)

    to bind

    to pour (or sprinkle, spray, etc.) onto

    to argue (in court); to deliberate (in a meeting); to present (e.g. idea to a conference, etc.)

    to increase further

    to catch (in a trap, etc.)

    to set atop

    to erect (a makeshift building)

    to hold (a play, festival, etc.)

    (after -masu stem of verb) indicates (verb) is being directed to (someone)

  • 切っ掛け, 切掛

    chance; start; cue; excuse; motive; impetus; occasion

  • 切っ掛け, 切掛

    chance; start; cue; excuse; motive; impetus; occasion

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