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decide, fix, agree upon, appoint
On'Yomi Readings

On'Yomi Readings

  • ケツ
On'Yomi Readings

Kun'Yomi Readings

  • き.める
  • -ぎ.め
  • き.まる
  • さ.く

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 決める, 極める

    to decide; to choose; to determine; to make up one's mind; to resolve; to set one's heart on; to settle; to arrange; to set; to appoint; to fix

    to clinch (a victory); to decide (the outcome of a match)

    to persist in doing; to go through with

    to always do; to have made a habit of

    to take for granted; to assume

    to dress up; to dress to kill; to dress to the nines

    to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.); to succeed in doing

    to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.)

  • 決定

    decision; determination

  • 解決

    settlement; solution; resolution

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