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怖い, 恐い

Kana Reading
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    adjective (keiyoushi)
    scary; frightening; eerie; dreadful
    Example sentence
    恐い聞きたいなら週間見たことしてあげるよ。 If you want to hear a scary story, I'll tell you about a dream I had a few weeks ago.
  • Parts of speech
    interjection (kandoushi)
    (I'm) afraid
    Example sentence
    「寝てた?」「爆睡」「そ、そうか?」「なんかうなされてたよ。怖いでも見てた?」 I fell asleep? "Totally." "Really?" "You were very restless, did you have a scary dream?"

Examples of 怖い, 恐い, こわい in a sentence

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