Japanese Lessons

Learn Japanese every day with quick and easy lessons that take less than 5 minutes a day! All our lessons are by native Japanese teachers. These lessons will teach you how to read, write and speak Japanese. Additionally, our tools will help you memorize and practice your skills.

There are different levels of difficulty. Begin with introductory if you have no experience with Japanese. When you progress through the levels, you will become more confident in your Japanese.


If you're new to learning Japanese, start with our introductory level. You'll learn the two writing systems, Hiragana and Katakana. You will learn proper Japanese pronunciation. You will learn how to read them as well as how to write each character. You'll also learn simple greetings and how to ask questions.


Our beginner lessons will begin to teach the basics of Japanese grammar. You will learn the third writing system used, Kanji .You will learn and write the most common Kanji used. You will continue to build your Japanese vocabulary. By the end, you will be able to read simple Japanese text.


Our intermediate lessons cover even more Japanese grammar rules. You will be more comfortable using Japanese in regular conversation. At the end, you will know more than 800 Japanese words and will know over 200 Kanji!


Our advanced lessons will continue to improve your Japanese fluency. You'll learn advanced grammar rules. Your vocabulary will expand to over 5000 words and over 2000 Kanji! At the end, you'll be able to read, speak and write Japanese in most situations!