Death Note

More or less common words from the Death Note anime and manga. 

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無理, むり

unreasonable, impossible, overdoing

Added: Aug 24th 2018 04:16 AM

悪, あく

evil, wickedness

Added: Aug 24th 2018 04:15 AM

取り戻す, 取戻す, とり戻す, とりもどす

to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover

Added: Aug 24th 2018 04:14 AM

頼む, 恃む, 憑む, たのむ

to request, to beg, to ask, to call, to order, to reserve, to entrust to, to rely on

Added: Aug 24th 2018 04:08 AM

化け物, 化物, ばけもの, ばけもん, バケモン

goblin, apparition, monster, ghost, phantom, spectre, specter

Added: Aug 24th 2018 04:06 AM

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