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Character Definition


co-, cooperation


tax, duty


subjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes


guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand


checkup, seeing, diagnose, examine

オウ, く, いにしえ, さきに,

journey, travel, chase away, let go, going, before, formerly

ト, いたずら, あだ

junior, emptiness, vanity, futility, uselessness, ephemeral thing, gang, set, party, people

ジュウ, ショウ, ジュ, したがう, したがえる, より

accompany, obey, submit to, comply, follow, secondary, incidental, subordinate

トク, る,

gain, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to, profit, advantage, benefit

フク, また

restore, return to, revert, resume

リツ, リチ, レツ

rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control

ボ, つの

recruit, campaign, gather (contributions), enlist, grow violent

キョウ, おびやかす, おどす, おどかす

threaten, coerce

キョウ, わき, わけ

armpit, the other way, another place, flank, supporting role

カ, ける, かる

erect, frame, mount, support, shelf, construct

congratulations, joy

レイ, はげむ, はげます

encourage, be diligent, inspire

ド, つとめる

toil, diligent, as much as possible

カン, ケン, すすめる

persuade, recommend, advise, encourage, offer

コウ, ク, いさお

achievement, merits, success, honor, credit