Week 15: Joyo Kanji Challenge

Taylor A.
Updated 6 years ago

If you've made it this far, you've learned 315 kanji! Keep it up!

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Character Definition

ヤク, エキ

duty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role

ダ, ダアス, つ, ち-,

strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen

ショ, ところ, -ところ, どころ, とこ



emotion, feeling, sensation

idea, mind, heart, taste, thought, desire, care, liking

ソウ, ソ, おも

concept, think, idea, thought

ヒ, かなしい, かなしむ

grieve, sad, deplore, regret

アク, オ, わるい, わる-, し, にくい, -にくい, ああ, いずくに, いずくんぞ, にく

bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong

ソク, いき

breath, respiration, son, interest (on money)

キュウ, いそぐ, いそ

hurry, emergency, sudden, steep

タイ, つ, -ま

wait, depend on

ガン, きし



style, ceremony, rite, function, method, system, form, expression

テイ, にわ

courtyard, garden, yard

コ, ク, くら

warehouse, storehouse

ド, ト, タク, たび, -た

degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences

コウ, さいわい, さち, しあわ

happiness, blessing, fortune

ヘイ, ビョウ, ヒョウ, たいら, -だいら, ひら, ひら-

even, flat, peace

チョウ, とばり

notebook, account book, album, curtain, veil, net, tent

シュウ, ス, す

state, province