The Most Confusing Kanji!

Taylor A.
Updated 6 years ago

Practice telling the difference between very similar kanji!

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Character Definition

リョク, リキ, リイ, ちから

power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert

ゴ, うま

noon, sign of the horse, 11AM-1PM, seventh sign of Chinese zodiac

ホン, もと

book, present, main, origin, true, real, counter for long cylindrical things

ボク, モク, き, こ-

tree, wood

メイ, ミョウ, な, -な

name, noted, distinguished, reputation

カク, おのおの

each, every, either

ハン, ホン, タン, ホ, る, らす, かえす, かえる, -かえ


ユウ, とも


ウ, ユウ, みぎ


セキ, シャク, コク, いし


トウ, かたな, そり

sword, saber, knife

カン, す, し-, -ぼし,

dry, parch

ニュウ, ジュ, る, -いる, -いり, れる, -いれ, はい

enter, insert

ジン, ニン, ひと, -り, -と


マツ, バツ, すえ

end, close, tip, powder, posterity

ミ, ビ, いまだ, だ, ひつじ

un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac

エツ, いわく, のたまう, のたまわく, ここに

say, reason, pretext, history, past, flat sun radical (no. 73)

ニチ, ジツ, ひ, -び, -か

day, sun, Japan, counter for days

シ, さむらい

gentleman, samurai, samurai radical (no. 33)

ド, ト, つち

soil, earth, ground, Turkey