Practice Sheet

Week 22: Joyo Kanji Challenge

Welcome to the 4th Grade!

Character Definition

ソウ, あらそう, いかでか

contend, dispute, argue

フ, ける, -つける, -づける, け, け-, -つけ, -づけ, -づけ, く, -づく, き, -つき, -つき, -づき, -づき

adhere, attach, refer to, append


orders, ancient laws, command, decree

イ, もっ

by means of, because, in view of, compared with

チュウ, なか

go-between, relationship

デン, テン, つたわる, つたえる, つたう, つだう, -づたい, つて

transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition

イ, くらい, ぐらい

rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some

テイ, ひくい, ひくめる, ひくまる

lower, short, humble

レイ, たとえる

example, custom, usage, precedent


ベン, ビン, たよ



faith, truth, fidelity, trust

ソウ, くら

godown, warehouse, storehouse, cellar, treasury

コウ, そうろう

climate, season, weather

シャク, りる

borrow, rent

テイ, める, まる

halt, stopping

ケン, すこやか

healthy, health, strength, persistence

ソク, かわ, がわ, そば

side, lean, oppose, regret

ドウ, リュク, リキ, ロク, リョク, はたら

work, (kokuji)


hundred million, 10**8

チョウ, きざす, きざ

portent, 10**12, trillion, sign, omen, symptoms

ジ, ニ, ゲイ, こ, -こ, -っこ

newborn babe, child, young of animals

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