Practice Sheet

Mother Nature!

It's good to spend time in the midst of Mother Nature! It's also good to spend time in the middle of kanji related to Mother Nature, isn't it?

Character Definition

フウ, フ, かぜ, かざ-, -かぜ

wind, air, style, manner

チョウ, とり

bird, chicken

カ, うた, うた

song, sing

チ, ジ

ground, earth

ギュウ, うし


コウ, ひかる, ひかり

ray, light

チ, いけ

pond, cistern, pool, reservoir

エイ, うつる, うつす, える, -ば

reflect, reflection, projection

ガ, カク, エ, カイ, えがく, かくする, かぎる, はかりごと, はか

brush-stroke, picture

ケイ, はかる, はからう

plot, plan, scheme, measure

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